A Few Thoughts

Spec work

As most designers do I have been approached on a number of occasions to do spec work (nice way of saying free work). When I was first starting out in the industry I fell for this approach and was burned. It almost always starts the same way “Hey, would you be interested in doing a...read more

Yes good design makes a difference

I know that this is going to sound self promoting and in a sense it is. However, it’s not just about me or what I do but what design as a profession can do. In a recent article(Study: Good Design Is Good For Business) the excellent online content provider Co.Design from Fast company highlighted a...read more

Printers are not Designers

I should start this brief piece by stating one thing clearly. This is not intended as a shot at the many outstanding suppliers I have worked with in the printing industry over the years. Rather it is to clarify a difference in roles that I think many clients and by extension printers miss. The confusion...read more