About Me

Hi there, as you already know my name is Julian Irwin. I live in the best city in NA (in my humble opinion) Toronto. More specifically, the Junction Triangle.

I share my home with my beautiful wife, who is a very accomplished leader in the healthcare world. We have two energetic and intelligent children that keep us on our toes and make us laugh. As the son of an Architect and a Museum Curator it is natural that design, art, culture and communication would be become part of my life.


I have been creating/designing/making/experimenting all my life but professionally for 10 years. In that time, I have gone from a purely print-based designer to multi-talented threat, comfortable working in both a digital and analog world (that is a designer way of saying I do both print and web work). In addition to this, I have extensive brand and marketing experience working with some of North America’s largest companies including Coca Cola, Molson-Coors and the NHL.


Being a graphic designer offers me the opportunity to work with a vast array of interesting people and ideas. As a visual communicator, it is my role to help others bridge the divide between what they are saying and what their audience is interpreting. It is through these visual communication challenges that I find the greatest reward and this is my ‘job’ – well, I guess I got that ‘what to do with my life’ thing figured out.


Ok, enough About Me (I’m starting to blush). What can I do for you? If you have a project you would like to discuss- let’s talk. Alternatively, if you would like to reach out in a more informal manner, you can find me on LinkedIn or Twitter (I keep Facebook for people who know my childhood sins).